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What are the most efficient and cost-effective methods to achieve CFSP certification?
NAFEM has created two packages to streamline the certification process, the CFSP In-person Course Package and the CFSP Online Course Package. Both include the application fee, overview course (in-person or online), exam and resource materials.

Once I have attained the CFSP designation, how do I maintain it?
To maintain your certification, pay dues ($50 every two years) and participate in any point-earning activity(ies) each year. Though only two points are required to maintain your certification during each two-year cycle, there is no limit to how many points you can earn.

Are there different levels of CFSP designation I can work toward?
There are three levels of achievement in the CFSP program. You advance naturally through the levels of certification as you earn the required number of points.
  • Level III: 35 (minimum number of points required to take the CFSP exam) to 54 points accumulated
  • Level II: 55 to 74 points accumulated
  • Level I: 75+ points accumulated
How do I report/update my foodservice industry activities to earn additional points?
Login to the CFSP online business center to report industry activities and view your certification records and status. Remember to provide proof of attendance to earn points: simply scan supporting documents into your computer and upload them when you’re on the site.

What is NAFEM’s overview seminar and when is it offered?
The overview seminar is a day-long review session offered by NAFEM in preparation for the CFSP exam. It is part of the CFSP In-Person Product Package or it can be purchased separately.  NAFEM hosts an overview every August at its Chicago headquarters location.

What topics are covered during the overview seminar?
The seminar is based on the contents of the CFSP textbook, An Introduction to the Foodservice Industry. View the table of contents.

My company is interested in hosting its own in-house overview seminar and exam. How can I set it up?
Contact Vonceil Roberts, program coordinator, member services, +1.312.821.0216;

Where else can I take the CFSP exam?
If you are preparing to become certified, you can take the exam at NAFEM headquarters anytime you’re in Chicago. We have ample conference room space and any member of the NAFEM staff can proctor the test.  If you prefer to take the test in your hometown, you can use a local proctor. For more information or to schedule your exam, contact Vonceil Roberts, program coordinator, member services, +1.312.821.0216;

Can I include a CFSP logo on my Web site?
Once you have been certified, make sure to add the designation to your e-mail signatures and any day-to-day business communication you send. The logo is available for you to download (link) and NAFEM encourages you to promote your CFSP status whenever possible. You worked hard to achieve the designation—show your commitment to ongoing professional development in the foodservice equipment & supplies industry and help us spread the word about the program!

What are the fees associated with the CFSP Program?
  • CFSP In-Person Product Package (includes application fee, a copy of the 20-chapter textbook, An Introduction to the Foodservice Industry, the one-day overview and exam); $550/person
  • CFSP Online Product Package (includes application fee, a .pdf copy of the review questions and glossary of terms from the textbook, the online overview and exam); $775/person
  • Application Fee (a la carte, includes exam); $400/person
  • CFSP Online Overview Seminar (a la carte, no exam); $595/copy.
  • CFSP Textbook, An Introduction to the Foodservice Industry; $300/book
  • CFSP In-Person Overview Seminar (a la carte, no exam); $200/person
  • CFSP Exam Re-Take: $25/person
How long does it take for the materials to arrive once I purchase a package?
  • CFSP In-Person Product Package: allow 7-10 business days for delivery
  • CFSP Online Product Package: allow 2-3 business days for delivery
Can I get a refund or transfer my payment to someone else?
Once you authorize payment for a CFSP Product Package or any a la carte item, you will not be eligible to receive a refund or transfer the payment to someone else.

I need more information!
For answers to all things CFSP, contact Vonceil Roberts, program coordinator, member services, +1.312.821.0216;